Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Goal

So I said on Friday I would post Saturday about the pros and cons of each of my chosen potential goals for wellness.  I didn't blog yesterday because my day was stretched way too thin!  I am currently enrolled at Montgomery Community College's American Sign Language program.  For two of my classes I needed to attend Deaf events and then could count those hours towards my practicum.  The workshops were great!  The part about being away from my apartment from 8:00 am - 9:30 pm, not so much!  Not to mention the weather was less than fantastic.

I've decided that my goal will be about managing stress.  This is a perfect umbrella goal to all of the other goals I would like to accomplish.  For example when I exercise and eat right, I have clearer mind and I get the perks of losing weight.  My work/school/family/social life is so busy it can be stressful at times, that if I take a moment to step back and take time for myself, I feel less cluttered in my mind.  Lastly, my boyfriend will be leaving at the end of May for a 3-month work rotation to Seattle.  Even though I will miss him a ton, his absence will allow me to get back in contact with friends that I haven't seen since we moved to Rockville.  He's been my best friend for last 3+ years, so much so that my free time I want to spend with him.  Sometimes I feel I have been a bad friend when I don't make enough time to visit with all of my friends that came before him.

So do you see what I mean?  If I work on managing the stress in my life by eating right, exercising, finding "me" time, and making time to reconnect with friends, I feel I will achieve personal wellness.  I'm excited to see where I will go in the next 3 months.

Which reminds me, I promised a friend I would look into finding a field hockey rec league.  I should really get on that and think I will look into it today!

Off to think about how to execute my goal!

Gym trip this morning:  Ran 35 minutes, average 5.2 mph, 410 calories, distance 3.07 miles

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