Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work-out Recap

Saturday:  After happy hour at Dogfish the night before, Scott and I headed to Frederick to hang with my sister and brother-in-law.  Scott and Ben played racquetball while Meg and I ran around Baker Park.  We did our 3 miles in 33:21 (according to my watch, about 32:00 on Meg's watch).

Sunday:  Meg and I attempted the sprints.  Well we started with the .25 jog, .25 sprint, .25 jog then it happened, the athletic clothes malfunction.  My biggest issue with running is bad running shorts.  I can say that when I got home I threw them out!  Saving up money to buy all new cold gear clothes!  We finished with a mile walk then a .25 mile jog.

Monday:  Yoga/stretching

Tuesday:  2 Mile run - 19:45

Wednesday (Today):  2 Mile run - 20:32

Tomorrow after work, Scott and I are going to run 3 Miles then get all dolled up and head out to Growlers.  A band that I like is playing and I want Scott to see them.  19th Street Band, if you're curious!

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