Thursday, March 7, 2013

Um ... hello? Yes, we meet again!

Well hello there, Blog!  Fancy meeting you here!  I've been nothing short of absent the last year and a half.  Side note: where did a year and a half go?  Well let's see ... I last left off posting about my sister's upcoming wedding.  Since then, I've had a wedding of my own :)  Scott and I got engaged October 27, 2011 (I'm pretty sure) and were married September 1, 2012.  I must say wedding planning was great.  I don't think I earned the official title of Bridezilla, but I do know I had my moments.  Mostly those "moments" came when I would try and explain my "vision" and no one would understand or rather, no one would get it the first time.  I guess lesson learned from it all was to appreciate the people around you, accept help from others even when you are caught up in a "I must do it all myself" moment, and stressing over the small stuff is really overrated.

The honeymoon was great - we relaxed at an all-inclusive a little north of Cancun.  We drank, ate, and soaked up the sun until our heart's content.  Needless to say, I have a new definition of vacation and I don't know if I ever want to look back!

In other news, we will continue to live in our apartment until December 2014 - maybe longer.  I'm trying to make small decorative improvements to make the space feel like a home, at least that's what I like to think.  I've finally bought curtains in hopes that the darkness will allow us to sleep in later than 7:30 on the weekends.  We have a new duvet cover, rug, and dresser knobs in the bedroom.  I will try, try, try to keep my clothes as picked up as possible to maintain a calm environment!  The spare room still needs a little work.  Aside from hanging a few pictures, curtains, and updating the bedding, work still needs to be done.  I have some tidying to do, which includes organizing my yarn.  Crochet has become my new found hobby!  I made a few infinity scarves during the winter and actually sold about 15.  I plan to continue through the summer to have a bigger stock of product, allowing me the option to sell at other local craft fairs.  I still need a business name and don't think Scott's suggestion of "Juggernaut Jillian's Junk" will cut it!  I just keep picturing some huge robot (not the Juggernaut), holding a scarf in a pincer grasp, looking quizzical.  I'll doodle something out!

So the plan is to keep up with this blogging.  Work is doing another fitness challenge, which was my primary motivation for keeping the blog last time.  This time things are different.  There's no flashy trip to St. Thomas involved.  Our challenge is a 30-day mediterranean diet, known as the Sonoma diet.  A much welcomed snow-day yesterday helped me prepare for the diet.  Sunday will bring the cleaning of the pantry and grocery shopping.  I have a plan in place and am looking forward to March 11.  I can admit I'm a little nervy (Word of the Day), but was assured that feeling that way is normal when you are making a lifestyle change.  I'm hoping to replace thoughts of eating with blogging, crocheting, exercising, and crafting.  I have a few projects in queue I'd like to get to: reupholstering the kitchen chairs, painting the light switch plates, freezer paper stenciling some clothes, and a hell of a lot more pinteresting for other ideas!

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