Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello from Seattle :)

I apologize for the previous test post.  I had set up my phone to be able to update my blog and I thought it worked but it looks like it didn't!  After sending the test post, I wrote an actual post, but it doesn't appear to have posted.  So ....

Hello!  I'm in Seattle and it's been great!  The flight wasn't terrifying, just a really long 5.5 hours by myself.  I arrived around 1:30 and Scott and I set off to have partake in Happy Hour at Ivar's.  I missed that kid :)  We had clam chowder, salmon Caesar salad, and fish and chips.  Drank a few beer (4 or 5, gasp!) then had some steamed clams.  Yesterday (Friday), we headed off to the Space Needle and then to the Seattle International Beerfest.  Great time, great beers, and great weather!  I can't really describe the atmosphere here.  There's a lot of interesting people and the fashion is all over the place.  For example, we saw a girl in shorts and a bikini top at the Beerfest but also saw people wearing winter jackets and hiking boots.  In my opinion the weather was nice, jeans and a t-shirt with a zip-up.  Later in the evening we walked down to 88 Keys and saw a dueling piano bar performance.  We've been to Howl at the Moon (Charlotte 2 or 3 times and Baltimore 1 time) a couple of times but never had we seen two women on the piano.  It was very entertaining, thanks to someone having a bachelorette party and no shame.

Today we walked down to the Public Market.  Holy crowded!  We got to see the guys at Pike's Fish Market throwing fish and we saw the original Starbucks.  The crowd was too intense so we made our way out of there and got lunch at a bagel shop.  All in all good day.  Next stop is a duck tour of Seattle and dinner somewhere.  Tomorrow we're heading to the Mariner's game then going to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  Monday, Scott made reservations for a fancy dinner cruise to see the fireworks.  I'm really excited!

I'm kinda afraid of the scale on my return.  I've been drinking more here than I have for the last month.  Since I won't be back to my scale until Wednesday morning, I'll have to do my weigh-in then.  Off to not thinking about weight and enjoy my time with Scott! 

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