Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I read something in Women's Health about a research study testing the affects yogurt has on weight loss.  I'm telling you, I still believe my theory, yogurt = weight loss.  Before we left for vacation, I made sure to buy a yogurt for each morning.  I've decided I only like the Chobani Lemon 0% fat. 

Being on vacation has been great.  I just wish I was able to pull myself away from checking my work email and relax.  I don't know what it is, but I hate knowing that I am getting behind.  It already feels like this week is flying by, I don't need it to go any faster by thinking about all the work waiting for me on Monday morning.

I didn't bring my scale with me.  1. I didn't want to pack it.  2. I didn't want to worry with stepping on it every morning, noon, and night.  Monday my sister and I ran about 2 miles and walked 1 mile.  Yesterday we ran 2 miles.  Today we took a break.  I've decided to not set an alarm.  By the time I get up (7:30/8), it's already really humid! 

44 :)

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