Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm still not feeling 100% okay about everything that happened at work on Wednesday :(  I'm thankful for still having my job, for having friends and family who have checked in on me, and for Scott, who always listens to me complain about my days.

Last night I had dinner with a co-worker and again, the diet just went out the window.  I am such an emotional eater and the situation at work is not helping that.  I am grateful for one of my co-worker who saw me pick up a donut and then say, "That's not gonna help you get to St. Thomas!" Thank you, Karen :)  So I put the donut back and it felt good.  Maybe I needed Karen with me when I went to CVS to pick up my prescription.  Why?  Because apparently if you spent a certain amount they were giving out a candy bar ... weird.  Of all candy bars it had to be a Take 5, one of my absolute favorites.  But still, a candy bar for spending a ridiculous amount on an overpriced prescription?  Something doesn't add up to me.  What if I was going in to pick up some type of weight related medication and the pharmacist handed me a candy bar - isn't there some better kind of incentive for whatever program they were running?  I think that's why I'm most confused.  I have no idea why she gave me the candy bar, what the promotion was but, I ate the whole damn thing!  GAHHHHHHH!

Haven't I said before I can't tell myself what exercise I'm doing?  The whole planning thing doesn't work for me because I wanted to run intervals but I didn't go because I went to dinner.  I don't regret my decision, I had a lovely evening with Deena despite a very annoying waiter that drove me to drink.  Seriously, there's a fine line between an attentive waiter and an annoying waiter. 

When I get off work I will make an appearance at the gym and do something, not sure what and I don't dare write it here because I might jinx myself.  Then I'm heading home to have dinner with a friend from high school. 

Check out the 10k mile descriptions, I hope the "hills" are really hills!

Mile 0-1: You’ll cross the starting line at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium, where you’ll running around the backside of the stadium through a residential area. It’s shaded and mostly flat, but the best part is that the spectators usually move from the start to line the roads behind the stadium to cheer on the runners. The bonus? The starting-line excitement is carried a little further. The potential drawback? You might be tempted to go out too fast. Remember you still have a mere dozen miles to go.

Mile 1-2: Near mile 1.75, runners turn right onto Rowe Boulevard, then pass by the first water/Ultima Replenisher and port-a-potty station. Rowe, a main street, brings you into downtown historic Annapolis. The street will be lined with spectators, and you will past several historic buildings: the Maryland State House, legislative offices, churches. There’s a dip, then a climb near mile 2.5, but it’s mostly flat through this section.

Miles 2-4: As you head toward the Naval Academy, you’ll pass unique shops, great restaurants—although they may not seem super appetizing as you’re pushing your pace—and more encouraging cheerleaders. Heading toward mile 4 on King George Street, you run past the Naval Academy, St. John’s College, and historical homes. Just after mile 4, there’s another water/toilet station. This stretch of the race, which has a gradual incline, is quiet and fairly residential. As you head toward the base of the Severn River Bridge, there are a few hills—good preparation for the whopper coming up.

Mile 4-5: Time for the challenging Severn River Bridge (a.k.a. Naval Academy Bridge). Sorry to say, but it’s a fairly long climb. Keep your arms pumping and your head up. As you crest the bridge, you will see the turnaround point for the 10K runners, who start heading back just as the bridge meets the shore.

Miles 5-7: There isn’t loads of exciting landscape as you run along 450 but your fellow runners will provide plenty of inspiration—and people-watching entertainment. Until mile 11, the course is out and back, so you get to cheer on runners either heading out or back. Just after crossing over John Hanson Highway, near mile 6.5, there’s another water station. Toast to being halfway done!

I'm excited to go to the expo and see what goodies we get!  I'm making sure to hydrate really well today and tomorrow.  I know it's just 6 miles, but I don't want to do anything to hurt myself!


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  1. It really is upsetting how much society and companies don't do to help us be healthy.

    Last weekend driving home we stopped for lunch at sheetz, and I got a sub and chips (bc a sandwich isn't good without chips on it). I was in line and saw these little pies, I picked up one and saw it has 22 grams of fat. I couldn't believe it. Later, after eating my chips i noticed that the nutritional information was different than normal. I guess the bag got larger(I didn't notice a difference) but it had almost as much fat in it!

    I was pissed. I remember when we used to get SMALL bags of chips and we were fine with it. Why must the sizes get bigger? We don't need it!