Monday, June 13, 2011

Same Old

My weigh-in this week was the same as last week.  I guess that's good because I didn't gain, but I didn't lose :(

I have yet to call the dietitian, but I did talk with a friend who has a personal trainer and she let me in on her diet plan:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, 2 eggs, fruit
Snack: Protein Yogurt
Lunch: Chicken, brown rice, side salad
Snack: Fruit before 2:00 pm
Dinner: Chicken, vegetables

After your workout, eat about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.

So I wasn't exactly prepared for all of these things today but I tried my best.

Breakfast: Cascadian Farm multi-grain squares, 1 cup skim milk
Snack: Raspberry Chobani Greek yogurt
Lunch:  1/2 cup mushroom couscous, blueberries, 2 Morning Star "sausage" patties
Snack:  Cottage cheese (not after my workout)
Dinner:  Salmon (salt, pepper, rosemary) and broccoli
Snack:  Sugar-free fudge pop

I think I did pretty decent with my eating.  More veggies and fruits need to be added but for my first day, not bad.

Using my Nike+ app, I went for a walk around my apartment complex.  I found out it is exactly 1 mile if I follow the sidewalk around both sides.  This is great news because I don't feel comfortable running the routes I know without Scott.  Now I can make 3 laps and get an outside running workout in!

Today is also very monumental for me.  Why?  It is the first time I have eaten an entire cup of yogurt!  I'm excited to see if I like the flavor I picked out for tomorrow!

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