Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This picture makes me really happy:

Yesterday was my Uncle's birthday and he and my Dad went fishing.  I can't tell you how great it is to see this smile on my Dad's face :)  When I saw my Dad last Friday (May 13th) I thought, "WOW!  He looks so much younger!"  He's officially lost 20 lbs since he went to the hospital. 

That night my Dad prepared salmon for dinner and it was really good.  It was great to see him moving around and grilling outside.  After dinner my family went to my grandparent's house to celebrate my Grandfather's 83rd birthday!  It must be the medicine but I noticed my Dad wasn't acting like he used to.  Typically my Dad doesn't mind if you rest your head on his shoulder while sitting on the couch.  When I tried to do that he immediately pushed me off and told me not to touch him.  Maybe he was just irritated and thought I was pitying him - I'm not sure. 

My Grandmother had a spread of snack food on the counter.  Everything I looked at were all things the doctors said were on the "NO" list.  I'm proud of my Dad for not snacking and even prouder he wasn't drinking alcohol.  Not to say the temptation wasn't there; he did have a few sips of my Mom's wine.

Call me sappy, but I teared up a little when my cousin sent me this picture.  Here he is doing the one thing he really loves to do!  I really hope he is feeling better as he sits at home waiting to go back to work.  He told me the days were really long and sometimes his medicines leave him with no appetite and drowsy. 

*I'm sure my father released this fish*

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