Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

My weekend turned out to be really great :)

Friday after work, Scott and I headed off to Buffalo Wild Wings for what he thought was a family graduation party to celebrate me earning my A.A. in American Sign Language.  Little did he know (well, he says he knew something was going on) some of his friends from high school, college, and work were there for a "send off" party.  I know it was a little silly to throw a going away party for him, he'll be gone for just 3 months, but I failed at throwing him surprise 25th birthday and felt the need to redeem myself.  I felt it turned out okay, he said he had a good time.  I guess that's all that matters!  To my "readers" who helped me out with reserving the tables and baking the sweets, thanks! 

Saturday morning we got up a little late and headed out for our run around 11:30.  We ran the "ASHA loop" approximately 3.3 miles total.  I was proud of myself for not asking to walk!  We came home and finished DAY 7 of the 30 Day Shred.  Before we left for our run we went out to Dicks Sporting Goods and bought 4 lb weights.  I decided it was time to graduate from my 3 lb weights.

That afternoon my sister came over and we went to the Montgomery mall and then headed to VA to visit our friend.  It was a lovely evening of girl talk, chips and salsa, and beautiful weather!  Then to complete the night we went and got frozen yogurt.

This morning, what should have been a 45 minute drive home turned into a 2 hour "try to make it out of VA/DC alive"!  So we got a little lost on the drive home.  Thankfully, I was not the one behind the wheel.  To celebrate my graduation, my family went out to Matchbox for lunch.  It was a good time with great food.  This was the first time my Dad has had a beer since his heart attack.  Leading up to lunch I was nervous that he wouldn't have a good time.  Like my Mom said, "everything in moderation".  He said his sandwich was great but did feel guilty for eating a pickle because of the amount of sodium.  Again, it was one day.  He doesn't eat like this everyday.

I just got back from the gym where I ran for 45 minutes at 5.4 mph with a 0.5 incline.  Approximately 550 calories burned and 4.06 miles.  Not to bad considering I ran on a full stomach.  I'm not doing The Shred today, I just want to relax.  You can bet tomorrow morning I will be sweating away to the DVD.

Now to check in with the diet side of things.  I was following the South Beach diet pretty well.  Focusing on eliminating sugars, carbs, fruits, etc.  Friday I started to feel lightheaded and wasn't sure why.  I convinced myself that I had made myself nervous over the surprise party that was to happen in the evening.  All day I had a pounding headache and a nauseous feeling.  I decided I was going to have a carb and not feel guilty.  A co-worker and I grabbed frozen yogurt (sugar-free for me) and I put a few pretzels on mine.  I love the sweet and salty taste together!  I don't know if it was the pretzels, the frozen yogurt, or the relief of taking a break from work but, it worked!  At dinner I had 1 beer and I did get a salad with chicken on it.  I should have been better about my choice and ordered the grilled chicken, but I got the chicken tender pieces.  Saturday morning at breakfast I had an egg white omelet with whole grain toast.  For dinner that night I had chips and salsa and for my main course I had soft chicken tacos, minus the tortilla.  Today, I allowed myself to have 2 slices of pizza, half of crab cake (didn't eat the roll), and a beer.  I don't regret any of my choices.

The weekends are just hard when it comes to eating because eating is such a social thing.  All of my encounters with friends and family on the weekends involve food in some way.  I think the biggest problem I have is obsessing over the things I eat.  That's why making healthier selections and eating less of the meal help me to walk away from the table with a satisfied feeling.  I am trying harder to tell myself to stop when I am no longer hungry.  During the week it is much easier to eat only vegetables and lean proteins.  I am still trying to find out what works best for me.

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