Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday I left work early to go home and finish studying for my final exams.  I decided I would go to the gym and study while running.  I started off at the usual pace of 5.3 mph and then decided to add a little bit of an incline.  Things were going quite well until I tried to change the page on my study guide.  The paper slipped off of the ledge on the machine, as I went to grab it I hit the dreaded emergency stop!  I hate that!  I had an idea of how far I ran and was able to catch the time before the machine turned off.  This is not the first time this has happened to me.

Since I was only planning to run for 30 minutes, I turned the machine back on and went for another 13 minutes.  I wish I could report my total distance and calories, but I have no idea!

After showering and completed two final exams, I headed to the grocery store.  I picked up some kale leaves, egg whites, turkey sausage, spinach, shrimp, and salmon kabobs.  I am such an impulse shopper!  I decided I was going to make more kale chips and I think they turned out a lot better!  The trick?  Use flavored infused olive oil!  I used roasted garlic olive oil and I feel they taste so much difference.  Scott even said he thought they were better :) 

Since I frequent Dunkin' Donuts about two times a week for iced coffee and my egg white flat bread, I decided I would try making my own.  With the turkey sausage, white eggs, and spinach, I created my own concoction of scrambled eggs.  I added about a cup of low fat cottage cheese to help act as a binder.  I put everything in a casserole dish since I wasn't planning to take the time and create individual sandwich patties.  This morning I was able to scoop what I wanted and microwave.  I threw an Arnold roll thin in the toaster oven.  Not the same, but close enough for me!

The salmon kabobs and shrimp were our dinner last night.  I love having my parent's foreman grill!  I have grilled a lot on it over the last 2 weeks.

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