Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Alive

After Wednesday's workout I did nothing on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday!  WOW!  Thursday I was just plain lazy.  Friday I was off work and went home for the night to help my Mom set-up for her yard sale.  Let me tell you, I definitely got an upper body workout in!  We lifted so many boxes from the basement to the garage, my right arm was killing me!  Saturday was another lazy day.  Since Scott was getting ready to leave we spent the afternoon being bums then went to the movies to see Bridesmaids followed by a late dinner at Uncle Julio's. 

Sunday we had plans to go to my parent's to watch the Memorial Day parade.  Before we left I hit up the gym to work off some of my guilty feelings from the last 3 days.  I ran a slow pace, 5.3 mph at a 0.5 incline for 60 minutes!  YAY!!  Total of 5.3 miles (duh) and 718 calories burned.  Those 3 unplanned days of rest really helped my body be able to run for 60 minutes straight.  I feel much better about running the 10k this Sunday knowing I can at least go slow and run the whole thing :)

Yesterday Scott and I went to a Memorial Day cookout at his parent's house.  It was nice to see his Mom especially since I wasn't able to visit on Mother's Day or last weekend. 

And onto my sad news ...

Scott left this morning at 4:30 am :(  I need to stop being sad because it's not like I won't see him again; I now have another count down of something to look forward to!  I'm a sucker for the small things.  For example, I asked him who will scratch my back for the next month?  I guess I'll have to invest in one of those "back-scratchers-on-a-stick" things.  Seriously, he's the bravest for heading out to the west coast, knowing no one, and living there for 3 months.  It'll be a tough summer, but I'm excited to create my workout calendar and my veggie-loaded diet.  Not that I can't eat veggies and workout when he's here :)

I did my weigh-in yesterday.  164.4.  Stupid scale.  Or stupid me, for not working out and going to picnics.  My serious focus is now on my weight loss goal.

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